Purchase Orders

Information Included in PO

The UPR Purchase Order is a single-sided document that will be sent electronically to you and is governed by the terms and conditions of our Merchandise Vendor Agreement.

Please refer to the below detail for the sections of the sample Purchase Order:

  1. Purchase Order Number: (Purchase Order number must be included on your packing slip, invoice, tickets, and labels.
  2. PO warehouse location number: Orlando 800, Hollywood 901
  3. Billing name and address.
  4. Shipping address.
  5. Your Vendor number (assigned by UPR), name and address.
  6. UPR Buyer's number and name.
  7. Payment terms of the Purchase Order.
  8. Ship Date: The earliest date that UPR will accept shipment at FOB point.
  9. Cancel Date: The last date UPR will accept shipment at FOB point.
  10. UPR's SKU number. NOTE: Apparel items may be ordered by style number. See a sample here.
  11. Your Vendor UPC code/style number/part number.
  12. Description of each product: The description column on a Style Purchase Order is the description of each color/size/SKU combination.
  13. Buy U/M: The unit of measure in which we buy product from you. (UPR case quantity abbreviation)
  14. Vendor Cost: Your cost per unit of measure (either each, or case cost) on this item.
  15. Net Cost: Cost minus any allowances or discounts.
  16. Quantity Ordered/Case: Number of cases ordered.
  17. Quantity Ordered/Pieces: Number of units ordered.
  18. Extended Cost: Unit Cost multiplied by number of units ordered.
  19. Message about product compliance.
  20. HTS code on file at UPRM at time of Purchase Order release.
  21. Notes: Purchase Order notes are notes to you from the UPR Buyer and are binding terms and conditions.
  22. INCOTERM: The negotiated terms of transfer of responsibility from the Seller to Buyer.
  23. Ship Via: Instructions on shipping method.
  24. Shipping point.
  25. Shipping port code for export consolidation.


Sample Purchase Order
Sample Style Purchase Order