Ticketing Guidelines


Vendors are required to pre-ticket all merchandise.

Each ticket must have the UPRM SKU number, Purchase Order number, barcode, and retail price prior to shipment.

Format of tickets must adhere to ticketing guidelines. Please refer to the Ticketing illustrations guide for additional details. The only exceptions are those items which have sufficient surface area to apply a price ticket. This is determined at the sole discretion of UPR.

The retail barcode must be formatted as UPC-A coding. The UPC-A barcode requires a 12 digit number that is located on our purchase orders. On the sample purchase order in the Procurement Section of the manual order it is line 11. This is the UPC code.

Ticket Placement

Please refer to the ticketing illustration attachment for preferred placement, type, size, and other specifications.

The ticket must not cover the logo or important text (country of origin, legal lines, age dating, or warning statements, etc.).

Tickets must read in the same direction as text on the packaging or product.

Please contact your UPRM Buyer with any questions.

Premier Barcode Systems is UPR's preferred supplier of Universal Studios logo tickets and labels.

Vendors may choose either of the following two options to obtain ticket supplies:


Premier Barcode Systems

  • UPR's preferred supplier of Universal Studios logo tickets and labels is:

    Premier Barcode Systems
    Attention: Amy Amory
    4770 Highland Way
    Center Valley, PA 18034
    Phone: (610) 791-3808
    Cell: (610) 703-7045
    Fax: (610) 791-2606
    Email: amy@premierbarcode.com
    Website: http://premierbarcode.com; go to the "ORDER ONLINE" tab and select the appropriate company

  • Extra tickets for each SKU are included with each order
  • Vendors are reminded to advise premier that they need universal studios tickets.
  • Tickets for each order are printed, bundled, and shipped by Premier directly to the Vendor. Extra tickets for each SKU are included with each order with a minimum order of $35.00.
  • Vendor will be billed directly by Premier for ticket supply expense.
  • Tickets take approximately 4-5 business days to ship.


Vendor Supplied Ticket Program

  • Premier Barcode Systems has created a Vendor-Supplied Ticket Program for Vendors who own ticket printing equipment and would like to purchase approved Universal Studios logo ticket supply.
  • Vendors, who opt to obtain tickets through the Vendor-Supplied Ticket Program, are encouraged to submit ticket samples to the UPR Merchandise Buyer and Orlando warehouse for artwork accuracy and scanning approval. Good quality attachments sent via emails should suffice for the approval process. Please send emails to NBCUTraffic@UniversalOrlando.com with the subject line "Validate Ticket Format" with the appropriate buyer copied.


Sample Ticketing Illustrations


Sewn-In Labels

UPRM no longer requires a need for a PO number to be added to product sew-in labels.

The preferred label supplier for sewn-in labels is Avery Dennison and the primary contact is below for US and Overseas:

Avery Dennison - USA
Attention: Tamika Dunbar - tamika.dunbar@averydennison.com
1100 Revolution Mill Drive Suite 11
Greensboro, NC 27405
Phone (336) 663-3246
Fax (828) 759-1919
Main email: rbis.cs.universalstudios@ap.averydennison.com

Avery Dennison - China
Attention: Jennifer Tang
Retail Branding and Information Solutions
2-4/F Binhai Business Center
No. 9, Haining 1st Street, West Huanshi Road
Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 511458
Phone 020 3233 5391
Main email: rbis.cs.universalstudios@ap.averydennison.com


RN NUMBER: For Vendor's reference, Universal's RN number is "RN 124771". Alternatively, Manufacturer is permitted to use its own RN number. Please contact buyer for additional direction.

We do require a batch codes be printed on sewn-in labels when developing Children’s products. This type if sewn-in label is mostly used for youth apparel and plush toys.

When the sew-in label is the woven type a batch code is preferred to be included, but may not be possible in all instances. If this is the case, please discuss this with your buyer to determine if there is an alternative to batch coding placement using a woven sewn-in label.

The batch code should be printed on the sewn-in labels for toys on the backside of sewn-in label and below the legal line for apparel. A space is required between the legal line and the batch coding. Batch code consist of Vendor #-Factory code-MMYY of production.

Example: 56984-P303-0819

For label type and placement, please consult with the appropriate UPRM Buyer. A sample of any specially developed labels must be submitted to the UPRM Buyer for approval prior to production.


Label Examples


Woven Label



Printed Label