Return to Vendor (RTV)


Per the terms of the Universal Merchandise Vendor Agreement, the vendor agrees that all products developed for, manufactured for and/or sold to Universal must be of good quality and free of defects in design, materials and workmanship, and shall comply with or exceed the requirements of all applicable safety laws, rules and regulations, industry standards and those specifications which may have been specified in the Purchase Order or in the Universal Merchandise Vendor Agreement. All products must also conform to any sample approved by Universal.

Any products that are received damaged, have quality issues, do not conform to the approved sample or do not comply with appropriate compliance regulations, were substituted, or otherwise not as requested by UPR will be sent back to the vendor or destroyed, for full credit at the vendor’s expense. Universal reserves the right to cancel orders and charge for all expenses (including, but not limited to: transportation, inspection, cost of goods, lost sales and recall). Depending on the product and the situation, Universal may enter into an agreement with the vendor for an ongoing or standing RTV. This agreement should include the specific items covered in the agreement, the frequency of credit and / or re-imbursement, if the product would be returned or destroyed, and any additional charges that may apply.


  1. UPR will process "Return to Vendors" (RTVs) by contacting Vendor to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. A storage fee of $100 per day will be imposed on Vendors if a RA number is not provided within 30 days of UPR's request.
  2. The RTV dollar amount will be deducted from any open invoices or outstanding balances with Vendor's company. This RTV number will be referenced on check stubs indicating that the RTV has been deducted.
  3. If an invoice does not exist, Vendor is responsible to issue payment within 60 days. The check stub accompanying this check should indicate the RTV number so UPR can confirm payment. Checks or wire transfers are acceptable forms of payment. It is important to note the RTV number so we can properly account for payment. UPR will not deduct the amount owed from other open Letters of Credits.


UPR RTV DEPARTMENT: (407) 363-8378