Vendor Chargebacks


Vendor non-compliance causes disruption to operations, additional expense, and delays in movement of merchandise to store locations. The purpose of chargebacks is not to create revenue for UPRM but to recover added costs and operating expenses incurred for correcting vendor errors and inefficiencies. This policy creates a means of feedback to our vendors and ensures cost recovery. It is our goal to assist you in understanding these requirements to avoid reoccurring chargebacks and to help you achieve full compliance.

All vendor shipments delivered with errors will be documented and be subject to the chargeback schedule as provided in this section. Once validated, a debit memo or other means of reimbursement will be generated and deducted from a future invoice payment.

Any questions or concerns pertaining to chargeback issuance, negotiation, and/or refunds need to be directed to the Company’s Vendor Compliance Team.


In addition to the fee schedule below a $100 administration* fee will be assessed per chargeback form submission.